Coming Soon

We are working on an Omnibus edition of all the Jumper material previously published.  Here’s a peek at the cover.

UPDATE:  This is already live at Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle, and it is awaiting processing in the queue at iBooks.


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8 Responses to Coming Soon

  1. andy says:

    Okay, your website says “Quality DRM-Free eBooks”, so how do I get a copy for my Bookeen Cybook Gen3??

  2. Christian says:

    Does B&N sell a DRM-free version of “Jumpers”?

    If their webpage contains information about this, I couldn’t find it.

  3. John N. says:

    Do you have any plans to distribute via anyone other than ‘the big three’? I would *love* to get ebook versions of Wildside & Blind Waves, and wouldn’t turn down the chance to pick up some of the others (despite owning all of them in paper!) However, I unconditionally refuse to buy ebooks from Amazon or Barnes & Noble — Amazon is designed to lock you into the Kindle (and uses mobi, I prefer epub), and B&N doesn’t provide any indicator of DRM-free aspects for books. And I don’t have an i-device. Would generally prefer not to buy from any site that also supports DRMed ebooks, though I may eventually bend on Kobo, since they at least clearly indicate whether a book is DRMed. Book View Cafe might be a good choice… Smash Words would work, though the site is not the best quality. Understand, the above with Baen provide plenty of places for me to spend my ebook dollars, so without another route to reasonably get the books, I’ll just shrug & buy something from Baen. (I did pick up 7th Sigma via Dragonmount; the site design makes me nervous from a security perspective, so I probably won’t buy often from them unless they clean up their platform… no advertising banners on secure pages!) Thanks for considering those of us who don’t support DRM or the ‘big’ reader platforms!

    • digitalPublisher says:

      What I think I’ll do, rather than try to get in at the other stores, is starting selling direct (for the same price as Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.) I have to work out the methods.

      • John N. says:

        Great news! Will eagerly await this… just reread my copy of Wildside in paper a couple weeks back, but that’s getting a little worn, would be nice to have an electronic version!

  4. Patrick West says:

    Please release “A Story, with Beans” Analog May 2009 as an ePub.
    I just spent $2.00 for a used copy of the magazine so I could read it.
    I will be happy to spend another $2 to have an ePub version as I have no room in my tiny apartment so will recycle the magazine.

  5. Rev. Bob says:

    Has there been any progress on either selling direct or getting into the other venues (like Kobo)?

  6. Lianne says:

    Any chance that you would consider Kobo? They do allow you to sell DRM free, and I would *love* to get your backlist in ebook format for my Kobo ereader.

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