Revised Editions

One of the great things about digital distribution versus print editions is the ability to improve the edition as you go along.  We have just uploaded corrected editions of Jumper, Reflex, Helm, and Wildside to Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Apple iBooks.

For the most part, the corrections are minor involving either OCR errors (comer vs. corner), formatting issues (missing italics, missing line breaks, inadvertent line breaks), or, in one case, a missing one-word line.

In the front matter of all our books, we publish an email address ( for readers to send us notification of any further errors they may find. This applies to digitalNoir editions only, not those by other publishers.

Keep helping us make the cleanest editions possible!

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6 Responses to Revised Editions

  1. Lianne says:

    Any chance that these will be coming to Kobo Books or the Sony Bookstore? Or, heck, Smashwords. These are the places I buy books for my Sony Reader device.


    • digitalPublisher says:

      We hope to create a non-affiliated store front at some point that will sell mobi and epub versions for people who wish to buy from us directly.

  2. Kyralessa says:

    If I purchased the Kindle version of a book prior to these revisions, how do I get an updated version? (I own Jumper and Reflex on the Kindle.)

  3. andy says:

    I can’t wait to buy these direct for my ereader.

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