Avatars Dance: back in print

Avatars Dance is the trilogy written by Laura J. Mixon and comprised of:

Glass Houses

AD1and Proxies

AD2and Burning the Ice


In addition, all three books are collected in an omnibus eBook edition:

Avatars Dance


All 4 books are available in eBook at Amazon, iBooks, and Nook.


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Coming Soon

We are working on an Omnibus edition of all the Jumper material previously published.  Here’s a peek at the cover.

UPDATE:  This is already live at Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle, and it is awaiting processing in the queue at iBooks.


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Revised Editions

One of the great things about digital distribution versus print editions is the ability to improve the edition as you go along.  We have just uploaded corrected editions of Jumper, Reflex, Helm, and Wildside to Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Apple iBooks.

For the most part, the corrections are minor involving either OCR errors (comer vs. corner), formatting issues (missing italics, missing line breaks, inadvertent line breaks), or, in one case, a missing one-word line.

In the front matter of all our books, we publish an email address (errata@digitalnoir.com) for readers to send us notification of any further errors they may find. This applies to digitalNoir editions only, not those by other publishers.

Keep helping us make the cleanest editions possible!

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Glass Houses: Back in print after 15 years

Originally published in 1992, Glass Houses was and is a groundbreaking work in feminist cyberpunk.  This edition includes new introduction by Cyberpunk Deva Pat Cadigan and, as an afterword, the seminal academic paper by Lydia Leblanc, “Razor Girls: Genre and Gender in Cyberpunk Fiction.”

Glass Houses eBook Cover

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks in non-drm formats.


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A Quick Contest

These are the details of a drawing we’re doing over on Twitter. To enter one must retweet the original contest tweet like so:

RT @StevenGould RT by New Year to enter drawing for ebooks of JUMPER, REFLEX, WILDSIDE, HELM, & BLIND WAVES. http://bit.ly/elwlib #jumpdraw

(the above is exactly 140 characters. You may cut and paste it if you like.)

Some rules and details:

New Year means 12:00:01 a.m. January 1, 2011. We will use the tweet time stamp.

(Which Means It’s Over, now.)

You must retweet in full, we’re using the tag #jumpdraw to track the entries.

Only one entry per twitter account. If you retweet it multiple times, it’s still only one entry.

Each winner gets all five ebooks in the format of their choice. (Kindle, ePub, pdf, etc.)

We will award int(x/10) sets of the books where x is the number of qualifying entrants. In other words, you will have a 1 in ten chance of winning.

You do not have to follow @StevenGould to win.


After the drawings for the above eBook sets we will draw two more winners who will get either:

One (1) signed hardback of Wildside, with personalized inscription by Steve.


One (1) physical printout of the first thirty-eight pages of Impulse, the forthcoming sequel to Reflex. Signed and inscribed.

We won’t talk about the secret prizes on Twitter but there is nothing keeping you from doing so.

We’ll collect the entrants and do the drawings on New Year’s Day.

Addendum:  Obviously we’ll email the eBooks, but we’ll cover postage on the hardback and the manuscript in the US, but international winner covers postage for out of country shipping.

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Now On the Big 3

Steven Gould’s  novels Jumper, Wildside, Helm, Blind Waves, and Reflex are now available on:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook Books

Apple iBooks

All still without DRM.

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Now on Nook!

Jumper has gone live for the Nook at the Barnes & Noble site. Reflex, Wildside, Helm, and Blind Waves follow shortly.

Update:  Hmm.  Well, Jumper went up quickly enough but after ten days the others are lingering in B&N Limbo.  We’ll have to see.

Today the new color Nook was announced, a 7″ color touch screen reader running the Android OS with video and sound functionality as well as an app store on the way.  It has a claimed 8 hour battery life (with WiFi turned off) and you can browse the web and engage in social media with it.  It weighs just under a pound which is an improvement over the iPad.

Weight and glare are the only things about the iPad that makes it a less than ideal reader.

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Welcome to digitalNoir publishing, a small press selling quality DRM-free fiction.  We specialize in the backlist of authors Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon but it is quite possible we will add other writers to our catalog in the future.

Currently Published:  Jumper, Reflex, Wildside, Helm, and Blind Waves by Steven Gould.

Coming soon:  Glass Houses by Laura J. Mixon with an introduction by two-time Clarke-award-winner Pat Cadigan (Mindplayers, Synners) and a special afterward: “Razor Girls: Genre and Gender in Cyberpunk Fiction” by Lydia Lauraine Leblanc.

Right now our books are available in the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iBooks Stores.  Watch this space for other venues and formats soon.

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